[How to register]
1. Click "Sign Up" at the top of the homepage.
2. Fill out the informations.
3. After that click the register now.

[How to send a bitcoin to Coinpool]
1. Log in to Coinpool.
2. Choose "My Page" and click the deposit.
3. Key in the amount in your BTC wallet and send to coinpool wallet (You can copy of the deposit wallet address or scan QR code).

* The transfer fee is the responsibility of the user.

[How request the withdrawal]
1. Log in to Coinpool.
2. Choose "My Page" and click the withdraw.
3. Key in the amount that your request amount.

- If you did not updated your BTC wallet address, you must go to "Profile" and update your BTC address first.
* If you want to cancel the withdrawal request, you need contact the "Customer service".

1. Before inquire the withdrawal, member must proceeding with the option invest all the amount you have deposited.
- Ongoing option invest and refunded option invest are not included in the total option invest value for withdrawal request.
2. If first withdrawal request member must deposited more than 0.01 bitcoins.
3. After the first withdrawal, the above rules will be applied regardless of the deposit amount.

[How to update my BTC address]
1. Log in to Coinpool and click your ID.
2. Update your BTC address from "Member Withdrawal Bitcoin Address".

* Notice : Once you update your BTC address, you cannot change your BTC address.

[How to change my password or email]
1. Log in to Coinpool and click your ID.
2. You can change the password in profile. But email address is not accepted to change, since you created the Coinpool asia account.

[How to invest]
1. Opening Time means : Next round remaining open time.
2. Closing Time means : This round close remaining time.

1. Predict the desired coin of 20 coins, and choose either a call or a put.
- You can check your invest results based on the real time price of your invest time and the result will come out when the next round open.
2. Select the coin you want to trade > Choose Call / Put > Set Transaction Amount > Click Submit and the transaction will be completed.
3. Per transaction is able to invest a minimum of 0.0001 to a maximum of 0.03. (Duplicate invest is available).
4. Details can check in "Option Trading" or "My page" > "On-going".

[Coinmarketcap Price]
Coinmarketcap update the real time price in their website, every 5minutes.

[Coinpool Asia Price]
Coinpool Asia get the Real time price and the result from coinmarketcap, 60request every 1minute.

We get the market data from coinmarketcap, and we have the same update time for every 5minutes inteval but the real time price in coinpool asia is updated every second.
However, it could not be seen in Coinmarketcap.com as we request the data via API.
We serve the rest assured to Coinpool Asia customer.
More Details : https://coinmarketcap.com/api/

[What is the rule of Coin lotto]
How to buy
*Select the options for Next day of 24 hours result.
*You can not select to all same options (Minimum 2 option must be different)
*1 ticket is 0.0003 BTC. You can buy maximum 10 tickets per day.

If the exchange rate fluctuates differently only up to one option, this round will be void.
Example: 18 coins "CALL" / 2 coin "PUT"
*So the total amount will carry over to next round.

*We have Admin Fee for Coin Lotto.
*If we have winner, we will deduct the 15% from total amount.
*You can receive the lotto winning amount before 2pm. (only Monday to Friday)

[How to know the last result]
1. Click "Last Result" at the top of the homepage.
2. After that click "Option" to check the last 10 result.
3. We only offer last 10 result.

* If the currency up more than 1% or down more than 1% the transaction will be considered invalid and will be refunded to your account.

[How to check the last result price]
1. Select the Invest Time, Coin and Result (Call or Put).
2. When you click the result, the pop up will show you the 1hour rate different and Result.

[How to know the last lotto result]
1. Click "Last Result" at the top of the homepage.
2. After that click "Lotto" to check the last 10 result.

* Coin Lotto result time is Next day of 24hours [00:00]
* We only offer last 10 result.

[10% Refund insurance]

If the currency has been changed more or less than 1%, we refund this option and it apply 10% refund insurance condition.

[10% Refund insurance Condition]
Coin type : Bitcoin
Option type : Call
Odds : 86%
Wager : 0.01 btc

Rate : $6,180.46
Result : $6,254.62

Total Refund amount : 0.01086 btc
* This example, the result is win but the rate changed more than 1%. So it will refund with 10% insurance bonus.
* The insurance bonus calculated by winning amount of 10%.

* If the result is lost, but rate changed more than 1%, it will refundable only 90%.